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Thread: Revolutions Torrent

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    i already have one version but it has chinese subtitles and extremely dark in colour and brightness. So im looking for a better version.
    Ive been to to get all the info on all the different rips but have not been successful in finding any of those releases at or anywhere else.
    The best release apparently by votes is Matrix Revolutions *PROPER* *WS* [3CD's]
    So if anyone has that version or knows of a better version then please pass it on to me.please please pretty please.
    My ideal preference is:

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    there are apparently many releases of Matrix Revolutions if u click on the link for i have given u you will know what i mean.
    SO does anyone have any of those releases?

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    Feb 2003
    I have downloaded the DVD-r today so there are xvid dvdrips out there..

    check the verified section

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    can u give me some details of ur verison of download like size>codec>leagth>aspect ratio>original release name> no. of cd's > subtitles
    do u have the weblink or torrent file or hash detals of ur download please? id be really grateful.

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    i downloaded the scream version of mirc its 2 cd's and rocks

    its xvid but is only mp3 lame audio but vid quality is great

    i dont think you will get the ac3 version on 2 cd's though

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    u wanna bet ..just go check out and search for revolution and see what you get. To get the wicked DVD torrent of this movie then go to and search for revolution torrent.
    the one to get from there will be called:
    3-10 Matrix 3: Revolutions (dvd with engl... 2048MB

    Its big but ive previewed the quality and it f**king AMAZING. (pardon the french)

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    who the hell wants sub titles you cant get rid of lol

    get the one you mentioned or the scream one , i go both and they are exactly the same quality

    btw i got the version u mentioned on mirc also, only took 6 hrs , same thing would have taken 12 hrs on bt

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    Or ya can just go to suprnova and get the DVD copy + features etc etc yah de yah.

    4.4 Gig but saves all this cd cutin films up stuff.

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    57 got the DVD-r

    4.4 Gb, takes ages but cant b beaten for quality

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    um i doubt there are features yet , it aint been released on dvd yet has it

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