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Thread: Tiger Woods 2003

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    Hey i finally got this game, looking forward to sharing it. Problem is that when i try to install on the second disk i get errors, it is missing atleast 3 files, the third ending the installation. they are sounds, like ball_cup.wav, I was wondering if anyone else has this game and has got it to work. Thanks all.
    PS. the file size on the image is 433mb, i got from direct connect.
    thanks in advance

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    i downloaded this to 3 disk set

    disk 1 works then it asks for the media disk and it wont accept it so i checked to see if their was any contents on the disk 2 and disk 3 and their is none wtf i burned the images using nero

    disk1 is fine shows contents
    disk2 no files on disk why is the contents not showing up after i burn the image
    disk3 "^^^^^^^^"

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    I do not know, mine shows has contents, i ndid not burn them i just mountedto cdrwin, it recognized the cd, but i got those errors. what size were your files.


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