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Thread: Playback Off Of Cd-r

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    what is the advantages or disadvantages of playing back movies off of a cd.

    in order to make room on my hard drive i had to burn some files onto a cd-r and deleted them from my hard-drive.

    when watching them off the cd is the quality lower? other than the noise of the drive are the other draw backs i am missing?

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    Did you encode them using TMPGenc or another way? Did you burn as VCD or as data? If you burned as VCD, your going to lose some quality but if you burned the .avi as data as a back-up, then no quality will be lost.

    An advantage is that you now have the movie in your hands rather than on your computer.

    But there is no other drawback unless you can't pull up a couch to watch the movie on the computer or you can't watch it on a big screen tv.

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    I burnt these files right off of kazaa via music match so there is no vcd action going on.

    It appears to a playback of an avi file on a disk.

    I now have these files on disk.. but i cant do anything with them other then play them back on my computer which i could have stored them on the HD if i had space.

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    thread deleted

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    they should playback the same as off your harddrive just seektimes are gonna be higher.

    just make sure dma is enabled for your cd -rom drive.

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    If you burned them as data, which it sounds like you did, then no harm done. I just hope you shared the files before you moved 'em to CD.--

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