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    Incorrectly displaying "..was lost" messages when a connection could not be established in the first place.

    The "keep-alive ping" Shareaza transmits was tripping the timeout counter and thus never allowing connections to timeout.

    In some circumstances (but not others), Shareaza could request fragments of the file which cross the boundary between BitTorrent "pieces". Some BT clients are okay with this, but some are not. It has been corrected, so Shareaza now sends requests in the proper way.

    Shareaza was telling sources that it is interested in the parts of the file they have before the sources had finished telling Shareaza what parts they have.

    The combined effect of these little problems created a potential glitch in Shareaza-to-Shareaza BT transfers, where a Raza client could send an invalid request to other Shareaza clients, and then download bad data (resulting in corrupt chunks). Fortunately, this didn't really affect transfers to other BitTorrent clients, and would only have occurred as you were starting a transfer anyway.

    However, if you ever started a Torrent, and instantly got a bunch of Shareaza uploads that dropped you shortly afterwards, this is why.

    From an end-user point of view, BitTorrent performance should be improved in this version. There are no other changes- this is not a major release.
    It looks like there is only a magnet link to download it at this time.

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    My reply is the 49th post in this forum, so who really cares about Shareaza anymore? Be interested to see how many people are still using this app.


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