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Thread: Somethings Wrong With My Nero

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    ok havent done an svcd in some time , but since it takes to much time and i need it by tomorrow i said why not use nero , so after nero finishes converting it tells me to insert a disc , so i do , but then it says theres not enough space in it , but when i added the files i could clearly see id did not take that much space , it was lower than 600 , so whats going on , why does it say theres not enought space on the disc to burn , i remember having no problems in the past , so any help.

    please dont tell me to use tmpgenc , i know how to make an svcd , its just that i dont have time to convert with tmpgenc and then add the audio and all that , i just need to know whats up with nero.

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    you say your original avi files was 600meg , yes

    600 meg avi = aprox 1100 meg svcd

    and hey who knows what nero does when you use it to convert cause as far as converting goes nero sux , but you wont fit even a 500 meg avi file onto a single cd if you convert it to svcd even with tmpgenc

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    nero is your first problem
    use tmpgenc to convert your vcd/svcd's
    then use nero to burn it, it does a poor job encoding

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    This should be posted in software world


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