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Thread: Slower Speeds With Newer Clients?

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    I don't know if its just me, but the past couple weeks my torrent download speeds have decreased drastically, especially on the larger files (far.cry, splinter cell: PT).
    I used to be able to download games withing a few hours (5-6hrs). I'd get speeds ranging from 120-500kb/s on average, using older versions of Shadows client. Now with these new clients (Bittornado, shadows5.8.11, azerus I cant get speeds higer than 20kbs.
    I know the same old story speeds dependant on seeds, blah, blah. But could there be another explanation for this, like an increased volume of peers, or maybe my ISP is limiting my bandwith? (they called me and said they were "concered" with my internet activity) fuck them.
    anyhoo, anyone else who had previous high dl speeds, but now have slow ass speeds?

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    more leechers

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    dont forget, major bt sites have been having problems ... things should improve real soon. Otherwise its a case of more leechers and there aint shite you can do ....

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    so what do you consider a leecher?

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    NO problem over here!! Very fast downloads. One thing I know for sure is that the faster you set your upload the faster your download will go. But do not set you upload that high so that it saturates your upload connection. Just a little below your limit is perfect. Bittorrent porotocol makes it very hard for leechers, because download is always somewhat proportional to your upload. So no blablabla, that is just the bittorrent protocol works!

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    thats kinda true, but that isnt all of it.


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