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Thread: How To Convert Avi Files To Mpeg?

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    I downloaded a 733 MB AVI file. I can't fit it in my CDR by drag and drop method. I can't create a VCD or SVCD using CDRWIN5 or some other common cd burning softwares because the file is not in MPEG format. How could I convert the AVI file to a MPEG file so I could record the movie on CD. Is there anyway to record this AVI file without changing the format?


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    if u wanta guide to convert it to another format try

    to keep it as it is just burn it as a data cd but u might need to cut the size down abit ,u can use virtualdub to do that!

    ps double check the sixe is 733mb not bytes

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    Go to our download page and get TMPGenc.

    With that you can easily encode that avi into either VCD or SVCD and fit it on a single CD-R.


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