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    My xvid movies won't play back in browsers like Windows Media Player or RealOne Player. If I open the file with either of these it will just hang at the beginning and not play anything, and if I look in the task manager I can see that the player is taking 100% CPU usage. I'm using WMP 9 and the newest RealOne Player. Before I updated to WMP 9, they would play in WMP 7. They used to play in RealOne player, but now they won't play in there either. As far as I know I haven't changed anything in RealOne player that would stop it from playing now. They will still play in the Winamp3 player and the BSPlayer that comes with the KLCodec pack.

    I'm using Windows 2000. I've uninstalled my Xvid, Divx, and 3ivx codecs. I tried reinstalling them seperately without using the codec pack and it still doesn't work. I've tried just 3ivx and just Xvid because I thought they might be conflicting with each other, but it doesn't work either way. I've tried Nic's latest Xvid build and it doesn't fix it either.

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    You could also try the Koepi's XviD build. It might be more stable for you.

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    OK Thanks. I just installed Koepi's build and it works fine now.


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