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Thread: Charlie Daniels Is In Concert Tonight

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    FuNkY CaPrIcOrN's Avatar Poster
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    Oct 2002
    Louisville Kentucky
    Going to be playing At the Mid-America Truck Show here in Louisville.

    And I am not going.I am so sorry Charlie.Please forgive me.We have had some good times at shows together.Just feet stompin with the whole Family.

    Remember that time back in 1992 at Cardinal Stadium.I was 17 and you and the Boys threw one hell of a Party.My Brother and my best Friend had to carry me out of the Stadium(Early Times Kentucky Whiskey) while my girlfriend just hid her face and acted like she did not know who I was.But I know you was thinking of me.My Friend Charlie.

    Long live the Red White and Blue.And keep playing that good Music.

    *Ohhh maybe this should be in MusicWorld.*

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    Sep 2002
    how can you not go there

    you probably dl all his albums (as i did from you ) and now he's not even earning some money on a ticket from you

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    Well I guess i am tellin how old I am but I saw Charlie Daniels way back when I was a kid in 1976. They opened for Lynyrd Skynyrd and it was one hella concert in Ashville NC. Lets see, how long ago was that. Darn Im too old to figure it up LMAO. I still have the concert poster from that one hanging on my bedroom wall, it may be worth somthing by now. For a Picture of it just send one dollar US to old DRACOJOE2 hehehe. :gunsmile: Back then they were sippin Jack 101 and smokin you know what right on da stage.


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