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Thread: Constant Network Problem.

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    Ok guys, My shared connection used to work on my network.. I have two ethernet ports on my Mobo, So I use one to connectot my dsl modem and the other port for the second comp. This method worked for a while.. then it totally stopped for some reason, the network settings didnt change at all. I brought it to the shop and they said there was nothing wrong with it. I brought it back and it worked fine, Then I used that setup network thing, and the shared connection died on me again.. anyone know what I am trying to say? Or understand?

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    hmmm ok u think this is what u need to do

    make sure you are online

    open the network wizard

    click next to the first 2 screens

    on the page select a connection method

    choose the top one for your comp and the second one for you second comp ( you have to run network wiz on both comps , but do your main comp first )

    click next ( this is for your main comp )

    ok the next screen you are given a choice for you internet connection

    choose you pppoe wan miniport ( not the network adaptors )

    click next and in the next screen it should ask you something like auto choose lan or choose it yourself

    select choose your self

    ok now it asks you to select your lan, make sure that your lan nic is ticked and the other nic that connect to your modem is un selected

    and click next

    ok the rest is pretty straight forward , just make sure that the workgroup name is exactly the same , i call all my comps workgroups mshome

    on folow it till the end and let it finish , then just exit when it asks you if you want to make a floppy or whatever

    then restart this pc and reconnect it to the internet

    next go to your other comp and do the wiz, but this time choose the second option and it should auto find the shared connection on the first comp

    all going well
    you should now be able to connect with both comps

    one last thing if you run a firewall on the main comp it will stuff around with the second comp , make sure you allow the lan access to the net if you are gunna use a firewall

    ok pm me if you are still having problems


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