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    Hey all, was wondering if somebody could help me out with a problem of mine. Im no pro so could be an easy one for you guys. I dl FIFA2003.deviance,sharereactor.bin file and burnt it on CD and everything went all right. I have also all the cracks I could find, but dont know what to do with them. Theyre .nfo files, and when I try to open them, it says "unrecognized file or corrupted". The real problem is, that when Im starting t install the game, Im being asked about the code in the manual. Can a crack help me out, what should I do?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Anyone? Pretty please with sugar on top?

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    .nfo files are basically text files. Just open in notepad. You had better read the FAQ though, or people will start to flame you.

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    Thanks, man. I hope nobody went killing themselves over me.


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