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    I recently ran a check through ATIs Multimedia Center to see if my computer was up to date and has all the required stuff..
    Apparentply my direct X is not installed properly and the recommendation from the scan said that i should reinstall direct x 8.1 or higher. I went to the Direct X link in microsoft's site and downloaded the latest driver. After i followed all the directions of the installer, it rebooted my computer.
    My computer reloaded ok but when i ran the check again, it still says taht the Direct X is not installed properly. This time i tried going into the add/remove for windows and i found that the Direct X was not on the list.

    HOW do i uninstall my direct X?

    Does anyone else have problems with DX? How do i fix the problem?

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    you can't uninstall directx 9

    do you have an intergrated graphic card also??

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    right now im using a radeon 9600XT

    I found some applications which seem to be able to rollback the installation

    << DirectX 9 Uninstaller for XP / .NET >>

    This uninstaller uses your original XP or .NET CD to restore your original DirectX 8 files.
    Extract these files to C:&#092;DXTEMP&#33; You must extract these files to this directory and run
    the UnDx9.bat that uninstalls the DIrectX files in SAFE MODE. Enjoy&#33;

    --GxV of #betas"

    This is the nfo for the file. from:

    If i created a system restore point could i safely tweak around with this application? or would rolling back the DX completely shut down my computer?

    What do u think? is this safe

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    Post the link to that script here, I generally don&#39;t trust these things.


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