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Thread: Ozemail

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    I have recently introduced one of my friend in Bittorrent. He lives in Australia and he is using Ozemail with 1mb/512kb ADSL. He tells me, he doesnt get get more than 20kpbs with bittorrent while in kazaa he gets 70kbps.

    Is there any one else whos using Ozemail here? Is there something he should do to get better speed? BTW he is not using router.
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    Is your friend downloading more then 1 torrent at the same time?
    If yes, it is posible that his connection is choking due to the upload rate,
    tell your friend he can try to limit his upload speed and download 1 file at the time
    lets say 40 kb upload, this should do the trick,
    Does anyone know why the bt developers dont fix this nasty thing?
    Here is a suggestion for the devs: Make a autoconfigure script that checks upload
    capacity and configures acordingly.

    (Forgive my bad english)

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    tried everything. Isnt there any Ozemail user here who knows if there is any way to increase the speed.
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