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Thread: File Sharers Terrorist And Child Pornograghers?

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    Please read all of this and stop this bill at all cost!!!

    Read about how Orrin Hatch and Patrick Leahy have been bought by the RIAA.

    Read how we are classified as child pornographers and " a den of terrorist",1412,...0.html/wn_ascii

    Very disturbing is their tactic to change the law and dehumanize filesharers into the same class as these scum.

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    child pornographers deserve to be shot, and they are running our inosent p2p file sharing in to the gound... police should set up sting operations and consentrate on bringing the person down insted of the software. because personally i could live without kazaa.

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    Child Porn tahts all over P2P networks make me feel like shit........half these are prolly forced2do this stuff there doing....mostly young girls and it makes me feel bad i cant do anything......or can i?there b-ing robbed of their virginity and used n abused its jsut wrong.......does any1 kno waht a average guy like me could do to help stop child porn? i mean i dont look4it but it stumbles upon my search results and i was thinkin if i get the peoples SNs who have the child porn u think i could turn in their sn anywhere on the net?RIAA?id love2turn in Child porn lovers to the RIAA or police.........

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    Well if you want to stop child pron...
    Well you can't...
    Sex sells...
    But there is a way...
    Its never impossible...

    Men always think about sex...
    Some men go over the limit of sex by having sex with little children even there own sex genders...

    Money + Sex = Corruption...
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    I've never come across child porn on any P2P network but I understand its quite common. The sooner such files and activities are stamped out (by police and by the P2P designers implementing steps into the programs to stop it) the better.

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    youve prolly never come across it because your not interested in it.

    But if you did put in some keywords related to underage pr0n then im sure there would be plenny of stuff out there.

    I think that kazaa rox and p2p is a way of life. If you tried to stop ppl from sharing pr0n then you could stop people from sharing everything or anything...

    The only way to stop it is to add a keyword filter that was set to ignore all files that contained certain keywords and put that in kl as standard. If you were one of the sickos that wanted to share that shizen then i guess you could delete the words in the filter and go about in ur merry way.

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    Just enter the words you don't want to search for in Tools/Filter area.

    What's really bad is that Child Pornographers are disquising their files as MP3's...


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    if you do find anything relating to kids, if you can extract they're ips and shop the bastards to the fbi or some shit, I have two kids, I have come across, very little thankfully, the odd file, only problem was the only way I knew to try and get an ip to get em blocked was starting the download, not a good idea. So if theres another way of extracting ips, please tell me, just in case.

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    If I catch ANYONE sharing kiddie porn on Kazaa, IRC or other P2P networks I will traceroute/packetsniff their IP and hand it straight to the authorities, no questions asked. We don't need this s**t being put on our heads. And PeerGuardian et al don't protect these scum against people like me, because my IP is not blocked by them. I take pretty well all of you would do the same if you have the ability to trace sharers' IPs. After seeing this, I'll be looking for it on Kazaa just so I can trace and turn these bastards in.

    I don't normally like to trace people, as the practice can endanger P2P, but in this case P2P is being endangered more. Yet if this bill goes through, I can see this revolution turning really nasty, and I'll be in there with the rest if does.

    May we live in interesting times.

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    lets keep our eye on the ball here. this is an attempt by the Riaa/mpaa to slander filesharing networks. if they can portray this software and us as scum to the average suburban nitwit, congress will start to pass stricter laws. simples as that.
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