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Thread: Trustyfiles - Fasttrack, G1 & G2 App

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    Anyone tried this app? Is it any good?

    They claim to have Kazaa, G1 and G2 support as well as private and public sharing and no spyware.

    Keep it Personal
    Share your favorite files and searches direct with friends. Got a great file on your PC or that you're downloading? Ran a search with terrific results? One click and you can send it to a friend. more

    Protect your Privacy
    TrustyFiles protects your confidential and private files. Ensure no one else can find the files you're sharing except your friends. more

    P2P it with the Public Net
    Search for hundreds of millions of files from TrustyFiles, Kazaa, Grokster, Morpheus, Limewire, Bearshare, Shareaza, and other Fast Track and Gnutella network users. TrustyFiles is state-of-the-art software with features like multiple simultaneous searches. Grab a file from web sites or anyplace you see TrustyLinks, Gnutella Magnet, and Kazaa Sig2dat Links. more

    Got Files? Are you an artist, distributor, or content developer?
    Promote them to millions of people on the huge P2P file sharing network. Check out our Artist and Business Marketing P2P Marketing Guide for free ideas and TrustyFiles programs. more

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    Sounds to good to be true... wonder if it's the RIAA

    It's coming from Dallas, TX USA from and IP address of Is this IP by any chance in Kazaa's block List. I can't find it in PeerGuardian.


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    Neither can I.

    Anyone who has used it, give us all the low down on it. It sounds good (especially with the G2 support).

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    Private sharing would be BAD. The whole reason P2P works is because everyone shares files with everyone. How can you find that rare file if people are only sharing with known friends, none of whom might have it?

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    Originally posted by Alex H@28 March 2004 - 00:06

    Anyone tried this app? Is it any good?
    see this post
    i'll wait for kceasy v0.10


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