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Thread: Startnow Webpage

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    I think i might have picked up some spyware off a file i dloaded from kazaa lite.

    this never happened before but now when I type in webpages that i used to go to all the time (ex.; my internet explorer goes to a page like this +link+ even though i just typed in in this particular situation.

    I've tryed spyware programs like Lavasoft Adaware and it doesn't get rid of it

    PLS help!!!

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    You got a virus maybe , get AVG ANTIVIRUS, its free.For spyware try SPYBOT SEARCH & DESTROY .

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    Does sound like Spyware, and am surprised that Adware didn't pick it up. You should also look at using a reg cleaner and use Spybot S&D, but also make sure your Adaware is up to date. Also make sure you run AV

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    Try Hijack This or XCleaner.


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