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Thread: Shaw Cable Vs Telus Adsl

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    Canada ISP, I have been using ADSL for sometime now and noticing slow download speeds while its telling me that I have 1.5mbps(movies). I went to my friends house and what do I see, hes average download in cable is 2.5mbps to 5.0mbps (rare) that is movies. It was the same movie that I downloaded with the same server.
    ------------ Telus Advantages -------------
    ------------ Shaw Cable Advantages --------------
    Customer Service
    Ranked 15th in the world for ISP
    Shaw Cable ranked 15th 2660/407
    Telus ranked 75th 1221/497

    - In over all shaw cable seems the best rather than telus adsl.
    - Shaw cable I notice have better customer service rather than adsl services.


    Whats your choice?
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    been using telus for years complaints...

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    Bundle package...
    Im getting the $77.95
    GOOD DEAL!!!
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    I'll make it simple for you,

    Telus sucks and Shaw's "OK"
    Ohh noo!!! I make dribbles!!!

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    im using bell sympatico $55.00 including cell phone

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    Telus is absolutely terrible. I wouldn't use them again if I had a choice.

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    Well I use telus...
    Its pretty much bad but not terrible...
    How come?
    Well customer service is crap, waited 30 mins and they hung up on me.
    I know the internet was down, and they didnt even know themselfs.

    Going cable anyways...
    30 day trial and lets see which is better .
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