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Thread: Spyware Is Killing Me

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    Today i re installed win xp and from the start from the first min with new win xp i get msgs i dont know from where but i know it is spyware. They come to my desktop and if i leave my computer for an 1hourn and come back i will see more then 10 spyware which they tell me that my computer is infected with spyware. one of the adds i clicked on it the one that told me your computer is infected. but nothing happened i have to pay to remove them i tried some spyware remover and ad-aware 6.0 but still they come out again need help plz

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    I get those messages sometimes when I go to certain website,It's like A warning popup.

    I 'm using spybot now ,don't have too many probs,still get some of those messages sometimes but not to bad-still have some tweeking to do with the program.

    The other popular one was a messenger popup crap,this use to pop up ever 5 minutes when I was playing Diablo 2 online and kicked me off the server.This sort of shit should be against the law,it would really fuckin piss me off.
    I think I disabled this through my control panel somehow,not sure it's been awhile.
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    get spybot from here

    its free and its the best

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    or get ad-aware

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    Originally posted by bulio@28 March 2004 - 13:41
    or get ad-aware
    u didnt read his post did ya ?
    cause he has already tried that

    try hijack this as well
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    Fn A. That's the internal messenger service. Thats been abused by spammers. Look around & get xp-antispy (freeware).

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    On your desktop right click on "my computer" then select "manage" then "services and applications" then "services" then scroll down to "messenger" and double click on it and in "startup type" select disabled and ok it, this will turn off the irritating pop-up windows, also download the freeware version of Lavasofts "ad-aware" Here and install, update and run it to get rid of spyware etc

    edit....just seen you have already got adaware

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    do what boyzee said to do and that will stop those messenger popups from coming up. but i recomend you download a firewall such as sygate or zonealarm, if you have a proper firewall those messages would never come up in the first place. and also get a good antivirus program if you dont already have one!

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    thanx guys i will try all the moves now thanx again

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