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Thread: New To Bit Torrent

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    just downloaded the latest version of bit torrent, the downloads seem so slow been downloading a movie foe 12 hours now and its only 32% completed. ive set the ports like it says but dont know anythin about the yellow and green status lights ive not seen any. can anyone help please

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    What client are using? Whats your interent connection speed?

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    the speed of the downloads mainy depend on how much seeds there are and i feel ur pain cuz i always download rare movies and it takes about three days to download.

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    you need this client to see green/yellow
    that why I prefer this for n00bs
    its color coded. green good
    yellow bad
    here is a good faq if your so incliend

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    im using bittorrent 3.2.1. my downloads never get any faster than 15kbs. my connetion speed is 600k.

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    do what muchspl2 said then

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    got all that but dont know how to use it properly, sorry but i thick as shit lol

  8. BitTorrent   -   #8 I run shadow no problems tried a few

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    Originally posted by aoyv73@4 April 2004 - 12:08 I run shadow no problems tried a few
    looks like the one suprnova was passing around with spywear/adwear I'd stay away from that client

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    Try it has a lot of stuff in here and a lot of clients for you to check out. Find the 1 thats best for you. My fav. is Azureus, But it is hard to work for a noob.

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