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    My pc has a sticker that states "pc133 sdram only" and if my memory serves me correct I know it can only handle 768 ram as it max.

    Shopping for the cheapest memory I am constantly coming across all this cheap memory that may or may not work.

    I guess 32x4 is high density ram that wont work on my computer.

    My computer came with a stick of infineon 128mb pc133 sync CL 3 16x64 sdram.

    Since then I purchased 2 more sticks of crucial 128 mb pc 133 ram. But I am not sure if it is 16x64, 32x64 or if it even makes a difference.

    What should I concern myself when buying cheap memory? It has to be pc 133 i guess according to that sticker, is that all i should care about?

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    I don't think it really matters about the banks, if it conforms to PC133 standard it should work...


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