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Thread: Want To Build Your Own Computer?

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    Right, a lot of people have been asking about how to build/repair/upgrade PCs. Here are a couple of articles from Tom's Hardware Guide that tell you all you need to know about building PCs:

    Part 1: know-how for do-it-yourselfers

    Part 2: assembly step-by-step


    You might also want to check out their article on building a PC for stability.

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    Cheers that comes in handy

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    yea thanks. but where can i buy thermal past and all the other componens withere there screws (uk)

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    thermal paste its a few bucks 3 - 6

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    wait uk maybe a problem... heh

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    this is very useful thanks since im building my own pc and this will be my first time

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    man building the comp is easy but the bios config is the hard part.

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    i though when you buld the pc the bios is done already

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    nah nah u still have to configure the bios to the hardware like the videocard, and partion the drives.

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    It depends on the motherboard. Some jumper-less motherboards like the Elite K7S5A have everything sorted already, but you need to make changes with many motherboards.

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