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Thread: Avi Preview

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    why does avi preview only work for 15 secs????
    used to work fine! what happend? :helpsmile:

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    does this happen to one movie only?....if so, then the move might have an error after 15 seconds......btw use videolan, its much better

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    avipreview is crap. It will only allow you to preview a video if you have video data from the exact start of the file and there are no errors in the file. If the video data you have downloaded does not start exactly at the start of the file, or there is an error in your download, avipreview will fail. Try video lan or avipreviewc
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    download the klite codec pack and videolan, codec pack has bs player and gspot, between the bsplayer and videolan you can play anything and the gspot you can use to see if the files are real or fake, you can also use videolan for preview your files.
    go here to add it to tools and preview menu
    look for codec pack full


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