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Thread: Fst Under Ddos Attack

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    It appears the site is under attack again today, or am I mistaken...

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    Well if it is, the site is not being affected very much.

    I'll check it out.


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    Doesn't seem like it to me...board is running smoothly atm
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  4. Everything Related to the Board   -   #4
    May just be something on my end...

    EDIT: It appears there are DNS issues on my ISP and oddly they seem to be affecting my connection to this site more heavily.

  5. Everything Related to the Board   -   #5
    The board went down for me for about 15 minutes. It apparently went down for {I}{K}{E} too.

  6. Everything Related to the Board   -   #6
    Strange all is fine now...

  7. Everything Related to the Board   -   #7
    I haven't been able to get on all day

  8. Everything Related to the Board   -   #8
    For me the forums have been occassionally loading slowly or not at all for the last few days. Most of the time its fine, but just sometimes like a couple of minutes ago. I think Funky started a topic about the board loading slowly at about the same time as i first noticed it.


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