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Thread: Router

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    Hi I have 2 pc's linked on a wireless Ad-Hoc network. Both are running XP and hjave D-link pci cards in them (not sure of name but they are 11mbps)

    I unfortunately have a 1 mbit BB connection to AOL ):

    What is a resonable router to use for this set-up? Can I use any router?
    How much should i be looking to pay??

    Thanks Guys (and Gals)

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    any of the well-known consumer brands should be okay. Netgear, D-Link, Microsoft, Siemens, etc. you should be able to get a reliable wireless router for less than $100.

    if you use peer-to-peer file trading programs or online video games, you'll want to spend some time tinkering with the router's firmware setup interface to get certain ports opened up & forwarded. that's prolly where the different brands will differ the most: the ease of configuration, rather than speed or quality.

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    Quick conversion of dollars to pounds...Router for less than 50 should not break the bank!

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    Don't forget that most routers don't connect directly to Broadband - you usually separate modem with ethernet connectivity.

    If you've already got one of these that's ok. Otherwise you might want to consider one of the few wireless modem/routers which combine both products. If you are just using 11mbps this should suit your needs.
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    If aol was aware you had more than one pc they should have provided you with a router or home networking bundle.

    11mbps is ok but 55 mbps is alot better but only if your wireless devices can go up to that speed. Not that you would probably ever reach that speed anyway but who knows.

    If you have the cash, I say fork out the dough and get a cisco series router. If you don't need all that then just get a cheap router. You have d-link cards so you could also get a d-link router since it may work better with that.

    My router has wireless access points, etc. blah but I don't even use wireless I think the standard needs a bit more work. But it's great to use around the house.

    If you spend anything over 100 bucks then make sure it does more than just serve as a wireless router.

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    Originally posted by Tiffosi2000@29 March 2004 - 02:58

    Quick conversion of dollars to pounds...Router for less than 50 should not break the bank!
    oh, apologies for assuming you were in the u.s.

    i'm not sure whether my advice on prices is relevant to the u.k., 'cause computer gear has gotten relatively cheap here in the last couple of years. prolly has a lot to do with PC ownership being pretty saturated and the average user (non-professional, non-hobbyist) not having much incentive to upgrade. if prices are similar in the u.k. then yes, about 50 or 60 pounds would be right.

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    try if yourquick they've got one on offer the now for about 37 or something like that.

    they have 2, a 11mps one for 42 and a wireless g 108mbs for 45


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