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Thread: 2 Or 3 Questions About Lite 2.43 Use

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    -I would like to learn why my Kazaa 2.43 Lite doesn't download files that are found by the searchengine?

    eg. Search engine shows 800 users sharing No Doubt It's my life file, then when I click download it simply jumps into "more sources needed"

    -Secondly, there is an issue, when I try to download a file from a distant user downloading from me. I've noticed, when I open his shared folder ("find more from this user") and start download NOTING happens. It shows connecting then "searching" then eventually "more sources needed".

    I was first pissed off, because I thought that he had blocked his upload.
    So I canceled his upload from my computer and I was shocked because the download started almost immediately. It was approx. 10 Kb/s!

    Why is it so?

    -third question is about the accelerator. It doesn't work very well for me.
    For instance I had multiple downloads when the quality of line was poor I tink, so the downloads were disturbed and eventually paused in 'remotely queued".
    But when it jumped to download it was about 1-2 Kb/s. I have noticed, that when accelerator gets to such download it disturbs it and disconnects. Instead of waiting in "remotely queued", it jumps to more "sources needed". It is no good.
    In some instances it is better to set that values to 600/600 secs. It works better then, especially when you download a movie>100Meg. I've figured that out by downloading large files. I took few days to load a movie with accelerator set to low values like 45 sec / 45 sec. When changed to 600/600 it took 3 times less time to download the movie. Why is it so?

    -last question would be - why when I open 30-40 downloads, and they turn into "need more sources" or "searching" status, it is almost impossible to find something good to download. I need to pause all these "searching" to be able to start other download. eg. I tried to download a PDF file of about 3 meg and it did not even tried to connect. It jumped directly to "need more sources". I paused all "need more sources" resumed that PDF and guess what? It took 1 minute to get it! Why is it so? What is wrong?

    I also found that the search engine sucks, because it DOES NOT work properly.
    I put a name into that and it finds NOTHING, but when I accidentaly log into another user Shared Folder - I find, that he has the file I look for, and what is most wired he is on line all the time, because I download from him!!

    It is clear to me, that this software DOES NOT work the way it should.
    If I could understand the way it works, I could maybe set some options or maybe choose another platform. I must add that I have 49 files download option and unlimited upload with I think at least 10 files checked out. So this is not an issue.

    Please help. Explain these issues to me.
    Is there a better way to log into Kazaa P2P?

    I think that Kazaa Lite 2.43 is a bad program.
    I think something should be changed...

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    first of all your 2.4.3 does not have all the updates.

    you can try klite 2.4.4 or klr2.5.0 or k-lite2.6rc20b here

    second as far as your sources you think you have goes remember:

    your download speed depends on the # of sources for it and their upload speed, anddon't be fooled by whatyou see in the search window they are not an indication of who is available for connection so change supernodes to see if you get lucky, also use localized supernodes, also try changing ports, and lower your upload bandwidth,remove the no ip sources from your dat files and see if it helps , and if you have a router you need to getkanat

    as far as the accelerator you can change the settings to suit you needs.

    there is nothing wrong with the program, it always a problem with lack of user knowledge and perception that the user has


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