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Thread: Chairman Of Mpeg Now Going Drm

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    Check this out: Digital Revolutionary: Interview with Leonardo Chiariglione

    So it seems the inventor of MP3 and chairman of the MPEG wants to create a universal DRM format, and encourage compaines to use it by making it license-free! Like MP3 was made "license-free"? Sad to see the formerly free-minded MPEG is now sucking up to the record industry...

    If this guy thinks people are going to take it up he doesn't know much about filesharing and the Internet. Look at WMA: this creates smaller and higher quality files than MP3, yet nobody's really using it, and everyone is still using MP3. Why? Because MP3 doesn't restrict how you use it. There's also OGG-Vorbis, which is slowly creeping up on WMA as well, and doesn't restrict usage.

    He even mentions in his interview about people using MP3 because it doesn't restrict usage, yet he doesn't make the connection about why people DON'T use DRM formats. He does mention about his new format being able to restrict how long you can play a file for, which signs its death warrant straight away.

    He talks about using updateable systems in software so if it gets cracked the algorithm can be upgraded. Does he not know that cracks appear within days or even hours of a new format release? And as long as initiatives like OGG-Vorbis continue in the works, there will always be programs to rip DRM files to non-DRM ones... like Advanced WMA Workshop, which converts WMA files to MP3 or WAV.

    Thoughts, everyone?

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    I think you've prety much covered every thought I have on the subject


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