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Thread: Moving Files

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    Hi everyone
    Hope i am posting this in the right place, if not then i appoiges in advance
    ok what i need to know is i need to do a clean install on my PC and all my shared files are on that drive, if i move the files to a temp folder on my other drive while i am doing this and the put then back in my shared folder on c will others still beable to share my files once they are put back.

    Sorry if this sound like a real stupied question, but i feel i had the files from you people and feel others should still have the chance to take then from me.

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    Yes they will, as long as you make sure that when you reinstall kazaalite you enable that folder for sharing again..

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    Thank you so much for you quick repley

    its just i am new the busness Its as helped me a lot thank you

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    you have to make sure they are not read only


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