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Thread: Remove Old Kazaa

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    I have gotten fed up the regular Kazaa and wish to install Kazaa Lite. I want to remove the old Kazaa first, however when I go to add/remove programs, it says" Error in C:\WINDOWS\System32\cd_clint.dll Missing entry:ServiceRunDll"

    I tried going to Run and finding it, not there. I used the search function, but no luck. I went to webattack and searched for the file there, but to no avail. Help! Am I now stuck with regular Kazaa forever?

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    Do a search for kazaa on your hard drive and delete it all manually or install k-lite over regular kazaa B)

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    Just incase this is still an issue, there is an excellent page that I found hugely useful in keeping Kazaa in its place - but it is all wasted effort once you have discovered K-lite! So I no longer use it, but it is worth bookmarking.

    Anyway, the page is "A Clean Kazaa" and it has a link to a program called "KazaaBeGone", which comprehensively clears out Kazaa for good.

    Hope it helps!

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    Go to settings..Control panel...Add/Remove programs and find Kazaa and uninstall it. then go to and download SpyBot S&D and run it Twice to get rid of all the spyWare that wonderful "Brilliant" Digital has installed on your system and also some other wonderful ScumWare that comes with Regular Kazaa. Once you have done that install K-lite and enjoy having your computer back the way it used to be!!!!

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    This must be done it.Reinstall the KMD again and hit the Repair button.Then go to Ad-Remove Programms and Remove it!Run Spybot to remove all the spyware and manually delete the rest.


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