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Thread: 2 Quick Questions

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    hi guys, I my friend has just bought a maxtor 60 gig hd and made a 10 gig parition for linux for use at his house, and I am helping him set it up. I have two questions that need to be answered.

    1) Do you know of any good distos that recognize usb modems, as he has no ethernet port on his computer

    2) Can you give me a link to any sites that have tutorials on how to make a boot floppy (with either lilo or grub) so that when you insert the disk linux boots up, and if you don't insert it, windows will boot up, as he does not want to touch his mbr.

    thanks ppl


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    Multibooting with grub Part 2
    Booting non Linux O.S.
    GNU grub manual
    LIlo manual

    I wouldn't worry about the usb too much, hotplugging should handle that.


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