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    Im not sure if this was in the right place to post this but i wasnt sure where i shld go for help. Basically I have just got broadband! woooooooooh... ive been downloading loads of movies n crap and i would like to watch them on my tv downstairs. The thing is most of the files are .avi and i cant be botherd to do strange things to them for vcds.... so i was thinking about buying a dvd rw...

    i was wondering if anyone could tell me about them, like how much can they you just drag an .avi file and thats it it will burn and if buying it what shld i look for r there sum dvd rw do things that others cant?

    all information would be gratefully accepted



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    A good place to check out

    Easy CD/DVD ok for dvds But lets you use your dvd burner like a floopy

    Nero 6 good but only trwrite dvds work with that any way data is fine with both

    Takes 3 hours to do a dvd movie oh joy new format soon and bigger discs


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