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    I thought varified downloads meant that they were just that ie varified as a reliable download? I have now tried Doom iii, need for Speed Hot Persuit etc with CRC errors. 8 Mile was all distorted(even after installing all codecs). Even after talking to people while downloading a program they even admit the program did not work for them (ie Doom iii).
    Why even keep it on your hardrive if it doesn't work it is not what it says it is??!!
    Another tip for everybody make sure you have good virus protection as loads of files are infected and most of the people don't even know!

    Do us all a favour if it does not work delete it right away, it save us all wasting our time.

    Apart from that K-Lite is great.

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    Well they are all verified but screwed up underway... happens a lot lately with moviez and programs!

    My opinion is still this one... don't update a new kazaa over the old one...
    Just uninstall the old one and freshly install the new one!

    No problems any more with moviez or Apps.

    Too bad that you share orrupted games now... that is how they spread...
    So my advise is, don't share the files you know are bad.. just delete them and try again!

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    Thanks I,ll try uninstalling and re-installing and see if that is any better. Does anybody recommend Diet Kazza to go with K-Lite?

    Also lets all from today get rid of the files that do not work and the files that are not what they say they are (thanks you idiots who do that).
    Also get virus protection loads of files are infected out there.


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