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Thread: Encountered A Problem

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    This is the 2nd time I have tried running kmd,it is version 2.4.3
    When installed the first time all went great for a while,then after about a minute from starting kmd it encountered a problem and shut down.

    I uninstalled it completely and removed all registry entries to do with the ptogram.
    I am currently using Kerio firewall,so I also removed all to do with kmd from Kerio.

    I then re-installed kmd,new registry entries,and let kerio find and enable kmd.

    Now,even with my firewall disabled (and turned off completely) kmd still encounters a problem and shuts down,it doesnt tell me what the problem is,I click de-bug and nothing happens.

    My system is 1gb Pentium3,786mb mem and 128mb video.

    Can someone please help me out here?

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    Had computer only respond in safe mode after downloading the new codec mega bundle,no problem with K-Lite and original codec

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    what do you mean kmd 2.4.3???

    are you saying kazaa media desktop (kmd)?? or

    kazaa lite (klite)???

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    oops sorry,its Kazaa Lite K++ version 2.4.3

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    ok lets start by moving your files from shared folder to temp folder and tell me if this is happening still

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    ...including your DAT files.

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    lol your files= all files (since i did not specify)


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