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    My PC has suddenly developed a problem. When I download things (off the web not K-lite) they download as say 10mb, and it takes the time that a 10mb file would take. But when I try to run it, i cant. I noticed that the file has suddenly changed to 351kb, this cant be right. I dont use a download manager, just a plain download off IE. Eg when I downloaded raven shield demo about 250mb it takes 2 1/2 hours, but then it changes to 21mb when its actually finished.
    Can anyone help? Or has anyone had the same problem? its really annoying

    Btw Running Win XP Pro, latest updates, latest IE etc, no firewall.


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    Maybe run a virus checker ?
    I wonder what happens when you download off kazaa ?
    Maybe you have a corrupt h/d ?
    I will ponder on that one (scratches head)

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    With IE, sometimes downloads become "broken". Just use a download manager, such as Download Accelerator Plus.


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