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Thread: Isonews And Vcdquality Are Still Up And Running

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    If you're afraid of the RIAA and such crap you should know that the ISONews website wasn't shut down because of the warez news and releases they posted. It was shut down because the owner used the site to sell Mod Chips. That is the one and ONLY reason, why the site went down, since none of the contents of that site is illegal.
    The same happened to Lik-Sang. The website also went down for selling mod chips but it's now up and running again, except without the mod chips.
    Some of you might remember that when ISONews went down, a few days later VCDQuality was down too.
    This was because of server problems and NOT because VCDQuality was performing illegal activities of any kind.

    ISONews -

    VCDQuality -

    So please people, stop with the paranoia.
    The RIAA, the MPAA and all those stupid little puppets and their scare tactics can't do jack sh!t about what you're downloading and sharing.

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    Isonews is one of my favorite sites. They are back up, but they haven't updated alot of the .nfo categories. DVD-R category hasn't been touched since Feb. 26th.--

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    It's good to hear that the RIAA isn't as scary as we all imagined...


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