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Thread: Movie Wont Play ?

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    Hi I keep d/l movies but they dont play. I d/l the klcodec pack and installed. It seems the movie is running but all I see is a black screen. Pls help, I'm getting frustrated.

    Ms Zoloft

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    get gspot and it will tell you if you have the correct codec's installed

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    Mega Codec Pack 1.01
    SLD Codec Pack 1.53

    ...or it's a fake file.

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    Ok, I d/l the codec packs and still no movie (. Now what ?
    Just keep trying to d/l the movie till I get one that works ? I am trying to get the Secret Window. HELP!!!!!!!


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    maybe stop trying to get something you wont be able to get off kazaa for a few weeks

    it just came out, you expect the sources to be real, the only real versions will be on IRC/bittorrent and maybe emule (by now)
    but you got awhile before you could ever get any sources for that movie on the busted fasttrack network (kazaa)

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    if it is not a fake, then try viewing it in videolan

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    Download this, and if you have the necessary codec, it's a fake.

    Which I really think it is.

    BTW, you need to click the "close all tags" button.


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