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Thread: Is Quicktime Alternative Legal?

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    Just helped somebody put in the quicktime alternative for firefoxin another forum

    someone stated this

    Originally posted by "bytemaster"
    NOTE:  Quicktime Alternative and Realplayer Alternative may not be legal in you country (including the United States).  Use at your own risk.
    i replied

    Didnt know it was illegal - (please proove this)- but then again whats not.

    Maybe European Union should Sue Apple for Monopolising .mov!

    anyway back to reality
    Is this true?

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    I could'nt imagine anyone would really care. I mean if they did then it would just turn into another p2p issue I suppose.

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    if the technology to play the mov files is stolen from quicktime, it would be stolen software......... but the makers would be the ones responsible, not the users

    but i wouldnt worry about it........... apple hasnt even sued them over the name yet........ (which they prolly wont, as this will only give RA more media attention, and thus less ppl will use their crappy player)
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    Read the EULA. All these alternative or lite programs say don't install them. Or that they're for educational purposes only, blah, blah. Of course (most of them) they're illegal.

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    Yes, they are illegal.

    It's ignorant to think that Apple wouldn't protect their intellectual property. No different than Microsoft does.

    It's only a matter of time for the "right" people(i.e. Steve Jobs, Apple lawyers, etc)
    to take some sort of action.

    These are very large corporations and legal actions can take some time.

    Or, they may feel it isn't worth their time, yet, and may be monitoring things for now.


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