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Thread: Videolan Questions

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    When I click on the VideoLAN shortcut on my desktop, it takes like 3 to 5 minutes for the player to actually come up. Is this normal, or is it just me?

    Also, it wont play WMV files, just the audio of the file.

    So....I need some help on this...please.

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    It takes me 3-5 seconds to load -reinstall new version?

    dont have any .wmv files after the EEC sue party so dont know about that

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    I have the latest version.....

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    and if you clik on the actual Videolan.exe file in where you installed it in program files is it still slow?

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    Get more ram or a faster processor.

    As for the .wmv files, my video lan plays them but I have an abundance of codecs installed.

    Try windows media player, I know it's not as good as videolan but iit will play the file for sure. And try to stay away from .wmv files, they suck.

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    try reinstalling the program to make it start faaster, and try download the klite codec pack version 2.25 from here


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