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Thread: Bin/cue Question Regarding Nero Express

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    Is it possible to burn the CUE/BIN files using Nero Express? Or do I have to use Nero Burning Rom(or similar program)?

    Another question I have is, once the disc is burned, will I be able to play the disc on the console. And if the cd is a pc game, how will I run it on the pc?

    Thanks in advance to whoever takes the time to help a confused newb.

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    question 1 , yes you can use express use the disc image selection and select the cue file, ( note : the bin file must be in the same folder as the cue file )

    question 2 , dont know

    question 3, yes once you burn a pc game you can install it from the cdrom , but some times you will need to find a no cd crack for the game for it to run , as sometimes even though the cd is in the drive the game doesnt recognise it

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