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Thread: Port Scans

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    Is there any point reporting port scans? I have been getting lots of portscans lately (i think its the same person), sygate has been picking these up. Should I report them?

    Ports are 80, 1025, 2745, 3127, 6127 does this mean anything?

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    Same exact port scans my sygate has been reporting in the past week. It detects like 5 of them in an hour. The only difference is it scans my 6129 port instead of your 6127 but all of the other scans are the same. Its starting to piss me off im getting so many scans.
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    Depends on what ports are being scanned. For most common ports an isp won&#39;t do much.

    For known trojan ports you can report and they might send the person that&#39;s scanning you a warning.

    For the most part, anyone that halfway knows what they are doing will be scanning you from another box/boxes anyway or will use the right scan options to go unnoticed.

    General knowledge of nmap and the right params passed and you won&#39;t even know that you were scanned or 0wned if it came down to it.

    Hardly anyone uses vanilla scans, etc when they want to be undetected. Thoose scan types are mostly always loggable.

    Close any unused ports and don&#39;t loose any sleep over it.

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    Here is what those ports are normally used for

    80 : HTTP world wide web
    1025: network blackjack
    2745: URBISNET
    3127: CTX Bridge Port
    6127: <unknown>


    Anyways I would not worry about it.

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    I have still been getting them, havn&#39;t bothered with them. different IPs each time though maybe about 5 or 6 from each IP

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    why bother just keep em blocked out fecking turds


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