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    hi all
    I think I need some help, I want to buy a DVD burner but don't know which one, a Internal DVD burner or External DVD burner
    I want to buy a Sony one, but there are 2 different ones, Internal and External

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    It's really down to personal taste. Internals tend to be cheaper as there's less to them. Externals while been dearer have the added advantage of being able to be quickly moved to another computer.

    But what you should be asking is whether to buy a DVD+R or a DVD-R burner. At the moment there are two different formats of burner, just like there were two different types of video recorder (VHS and Betamax). I don't know which will come out on top but I have a HP DVD+R DVD200i burner.

    Maybe someone on here who knows more about the two formats can give you an answer about which type to get.

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    Here we had a discussion about it the other day

    I have ordered a sony dru500a myself, as I won't be needing the external version (the drx500ul). For some more info on the different formats head over to


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