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Thread: Overnet Connections

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    I'm not sure but I have a 768 and I have it set to 160. I think the connections mean how many other computers can send information to you like parts of a file. I'm not sure. Sometimes I get 160 connections and sometimes I don't. Shareholder, Cyril, @ MusleMan what do you think?
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    Max Connections - This value is the maximum number of concurrent connections Overnet will use at once. Each connection uses system resources (CPU and RAM). The default value is designed to give Overnet performance, while still allowing your computer to function. Windows 95, 98 and ME all ship built to only handle 100 concurrent connections. Since web surfing, email, newsgroups, FTPs, chat and anything else that uses the internet uses this connection, the value starts at around 65. Overnet does its best to use these connections to their fullest, stale transfers are removed, and new sources are sought. This value is often mistakenly raised to alleviate problems with 'Unasked' clients, when in reality the Line Speed Down value is the culprit (Overnet believing the speed is maxed ceases to ask other clients for part lists). Though, on high speed connections, raising this value can have positive effects. Very high values can however cripple your internet connection.
    *Note that newer client versions have highly optimized code, and require less connections than previous versions.


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