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Thread: How Is This Website Made?

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    Hi Guys for my Squash team I would like to produce a website similar to this from another Squash Club:

    Repton Squash Club: Submit/View Results

    I have no idea how this is done is it php, is it asp (Visual Studio) or something else? Is it sort of like a database it has match and team ID's

    I would like to copy the idea of anybody with a username and password that has been given to them being able to enter results. I would then like to be able to produce statistics from the matches abit like u would in MS Access.

    Please guys would you tell me what they made this website in (database part), what software would I need, is it easy and what would i need my webhost to allow so I could publish this website on the net? Also what would you do if you were to make this website?

    Many Thanks In Advance Heroes


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    Why not get it from the horses' mouth ?

    Don't know if these people will help you... might give it a try.

    Good luck !

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    it's done in ASP just read up on how ASP works and what it does. Might give you some ideas

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    ASP and most likely MS-Access.

    I don't know what the hell happened to my other post where I said exactly the same thing, it got deleted for some reason.


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