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Thread: Need The Name Of The Song(very Badly)

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    the lines go some wot thisway-
    It pits my mi :helpsmile: nd,pits my soul,pits my makes livin a life,lovin a life,livin in celebration (twice)
    the main lines of the song tho r -Levi's got me walkin proud,im walkin proud my Levi's
    I've arrived,im alive,im walkin proud my Levi's.....
    ne1 knowin plzzzzzzzz let me know.plzzzzzzzzz.
    thanx in advance.can also email me @
    Its a 70s song,somewhere betn 1972-77. :helpsmile:

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    in case ur wondering the 1st line-its 'It pits my mind'.Ignore the smiley in the middle of mi-----nd

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    c'mon man plzzzzzz help

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    Where are you from? I know a lot of 70's songs, but I'm sure I've never heard this one. I suspect either you're way off on the lyrics, or it was only a hit in your country, and not in the U.S.

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    Try Googling the lyrics. It works 90% of the time.


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