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Thread: Problem

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    just re-installed kazaa lite resurrection 0.0.7 and it has once again started to lag up my computer and make noises 'VRRP VRRP VRRP VRRP..............VRRP VRRRP VRRRP VRRP' at me its really annoying i think that it has something to do with the K-lite mega codec pack but i am not sure. I had this happen once before and after a re-install it stopped however after many re-installs its finally f**ked me off enough to join these forums and ask for help PLEASE HELP ME!

    also what it better [because if this is a Kazaa-Lite-Resurection problem i might as well get a new bit of faster software]

    Kazaa Lite

    Kazaa Lite K++

    Kazaa Lite Resurrection

    Other program (please state)

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    if its laggin your pc then its a corrupt file or a bad db folder. its not the program itself

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    whats a db folder? and where can i get non corrupted files from seeing as i also re-downloaded aswell

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    i'm talking about the corrupt file in your shared folder, empty the shared folder to a temp folder and see if it still does that

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    Post your specs.

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    emm p4 2ghz

    1 gig ram

    xp home

    klite 2.4.4
    klr 2.5.0

    3mbps connection

    connection=direct modem

    what else do you need??


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