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Thread: Best Software For Mixing Mp3?

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    any suggestions as to what the best software is for mixing mp3's? any suggestions appriciated.

    My comp is win 98 P3 450 mhz.

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    I like to use sound forge 6.0 for that

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    Do u have a link to a demo or anyting like that?

    any others?

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    acousticas pretty good u can find it on kazaa if you're lucky or suprnova

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    It dependes if you want to mix live or not.

    if your doing live mixing then i would use pcdj FX 7.0 (

    if your not doing live then use Acid Pro 4.0 (

    What I would do is burn the mp3s to disk, put them in my Pioneer CMX-3000 (, and mix them with my Rane TTM 56 (

    But thats just me.

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    Acid Pro 4.0 is the best.

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    There can be only one the best and that is BMP Studio for sure...

    hard and/or software just as you desire
    mind it's the real Pro stuff... not for kiddies Studio


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