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Thread: How To Set Up A Mirror Site?

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    How do you mirror a website?

    Well, I guess that is obvious, but how do you keep it up to date? Everytime the main site gets updated, do you have to update the mirror???

    If not, what If the main site goe's down, how doe's the mirror refer to updates??

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    Never done this kind of thing... but im sure its a script which is run every x minutes, and checks files for changing, and if so then transfers over new modified files. Otherwise it does not update and same if the site is down, and mirror server cant connect to it ....

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    Originally posted by hey_suburbia@31 March 2004 - 21:27
    If not, what If the main site goe's down, how doe's the mirror refer to updates??
    It can't...

    Well you'll have to rip the site every once in a while, which I'm sure the owners won't like.

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    If you have permission to mirror a website and you want to keep it updated most mirrors are updated using a dynamically generated script/scipts similar to what TRshady said.

    Some sites use rsync but it runs best on Linux. Winhttrack might be better for you I think it has an update feature but it does not play well with dynamic scripts and it will more than likely force a global download instead of getting only the files that have changed.


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