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    Texas Yankee
    Can anyone tell me how to get past the registration and run the program? I've downloaded 3 different keygen's and all have the same License and activation numbers, but when I call the guy he says that my License number is wrong, it needs to start with a 1 and these all start with a 3. Also, when I try to register on line I get a pop up saying the server doesn't recognize me. Any suggestions??

    Also, maybe I should have posted this in the software thread...

    Thanks, Texas Yankee

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    You need to actually buy the software if you want the on-line or telephone activation to work! The server doesn't recognise you as you didn't purchase the software.

    Of course, apologies if you did buy, in which case you'll need to contact their tech support...

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    Which keygen are you using ? I used C.O.R.E. and worked perfectly! Use phone activation, but for heavens sake dont call them, and enter the info. You have to enter the info on your computer from the registration on the keygen then it will give you the license id and activation code


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