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Thread: Participation Levels

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    Hi all,

    I share 477 file and i alway let people finish their uploads, but my participation level is falling, is there anyway to stop this??

    Any ideas helpfull

    Kazza Lite K++ is my current version

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    With K++ Participation level doesn't really matter. You can enable the "cheat" which fixes your level to a massive figure that even if leech files (i.e. download but don't upload) you will maintain the maximum level. Of course you should still share as much as you can

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    Where do i get the cheat from?

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    you must be running kazaa not kazaa lite

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    Im definatly using Kazaa Lite K++ as it says that on the application bar version 2.4.3 build date 24th sept 2003

    Where can i get a new cheat patch from?

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    You just need to go into the Options and tick the box saying permanent PL of 1000 (or something like that).

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    ive just checked my option and that it checked, my participation level is 18152 and falling will give prog a restart

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    nope didnt work now its dropped to 18150, and the participation level box in option is checked...... :helpsmile:

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    now its dropped again when someone aborted an upload!!, will i have to reinstall Kazaa LITE K++??

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    ive never seen mine go down?? trully i never new what that was

    also what the block bad ip range thing and (riaa)should that be checked?

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