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    90d Commas

    Use a comma after (a) introductory words, phrases, or clauses and (B) words in a series.

    1. If you finish your homework, you may go to the play with Mary.
    2. We will play the Tigers, Yankees, and Indians on our next home strand.
    3. The next exam will cover memos, simple tables and unbound reports.
    4. When she came to visit, Jo brought Dave Rob and Juanita with her.

    Do not use a comma to seperate two items treated as a single unit within a series.

    5. Her favorite breakfast was bacon and eggs, muffins, and juice.
    6. My choices are peaches and cream brownies and strawberry shortcake.
    7. She ordered macaroni and cheese ice cream and a soft drink.

    Use a comma before short, direct quotations.

    8. The announcer said, “Please stand and welcome our next guess.”
    9. The woman asked “What time does the play begin?”
    10. Sachi answered “I’ll be in Chicago.”

    91c Commas

    Use a comma before and after word(s) in appostion.

    1. Jan, the new reporter, has started working on the next newsletter.
    2. Our branch manager Carmen Jackson will be here tomorrow.
    3. The editor Jason Maxwell said several changes should be made.

    Use a comma to set off words of direct address.

    4. If I can be of further assistance, Mario, please let me know.
    5. Finish this assignment Martin before you start on the next one.
    6. I would recommend Mr. Clinton that we cancel the order.

    Use a comma to set off nonrestructive clauses (not necessary to the meaning of the sentence); however, do not use commas to set off restrictive clauses (necessary to the meaning of the sentence).

    7. The manuscript, which I prepared, needs to revised.
    8. The manuscript, that presents banking alternatives is now available.
    9. The movie which was on the top ten list was very entertaining.
    10. The student who scores highest on the exam will win the scholarship.

    92d Punctuation

    Use a comma to seperate the day from the year and to city from the state.

    1. On July 4, 1776, the Declaration of Independence was signed.
    2. The next convection will be held in New Orleans, Louisiana.
    3. Kingsborough Community College is located in Brooklyn New York.
    4. Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12 1809 in Kentucky.

    Use a comma to seperate two or more parallel adjectives (adjectives that could be seperated by the word “and” instead of a comma).

    5. The angry, discouraged teacher felt she had been betrayed.
    6. Sara opened the door and found a small brown box.
    7. Karen purchased a large antique desk at the auction on Friday.
    8. Ms. Sawyer was an industrious dedicated worker for our company.

    Use a comma to seperated (a) unrelated groups of figures which come together and (B) whole numbers into groups of three digits each. Note: Policy, year, page, room, telephone, and most serial numbers are keyed without commas.

    9. Before 1995, 1,500 more employees will be hired by our firm.
    10. The serial number on the television in Room 1338 is Z83251.
    11. The telephone number listed on Policy #39445 is 834-8822.
    12. During the summer of 1990 32980 policyholders submitted claims.

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    My headphones just broke

    As long as I've got a face
    You've got a place to sit

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    you earn something new everyday

    cept today maybe

    this coursework?
    A good game is still good if its late, a bad game is bad forever, Shigeru Miyamoto

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    it was for my computer basics class is all

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    Originally posted by DDRFREAK1030@2 April 2004 - 07:16
    7.  She ordered macaroni and cheese ice cream and a soft drink.
    Macaroni and cheese ice cream??

    errr... yummy?
    :x :x :x


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