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Thread: Report Fakes?

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    i've tried @10+ dl's of six feet under season 3. all fakes acc. to abiview & gspot and all different filenames/sizes. found one verified on fasttrackcentral(?) but impossible to locate. Anyway to report/purge all those fakes? Anyone with verifieds?

    This is more than annoying and it's darned suspicious.

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    this topic should be moved to movieworld, i think.

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    Originally posted by mmmmagiris@11 March 2003 - 04:48
    This is more than annoying and it's darned suspicious.
    Whats more annoying is that you've posted it in the wrong room.

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    i really am sorry...guess I was more interested in the more general topic than the specifics. i really don't know what to do about all those fakes, other than delete. thanks to this forum, and after several hours, i finally figured out my problem was fakes rather than codecs (there were so many after all) and i thought i read somewhere herein about reporting/blocking. but now i'm sort of sorry i asked...some are rather harsh on the ignorant (but optimistically trainable).


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